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Anchor Investigations and Security

"We Solve problems"

"We Solve problems"

"We Solve problems""We Solve problems"

Why We Serve

Solving problems requires preparation, flexibility, creative thinking, and experience. At Anchor Investigations and Security, we endeavor to put our skills and experience to use with the collaborative goal of helping our clients gain peace of mind, protect their families and assets, and prosper their businesses. We believe in sharing our success with our neighbors and community and through participation in charitable events and the donation of pro-bono services to causes that are close to our hearts, we actively seek to make a positive impact on our home in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida, and around the world through our global partnerships.  

Our Leadership Team

Frank Ciatto


Anchor Investigations and Security was launched in 2016 under the guidance of our founder and company owner, Frank Ciatto. Mr. Ciatto is a Private Investigator with a unique skill set in both Military and Business Intelligence. A former United States Navy Intelligence Specialist and International Corporate Business Analyst, Mr. Ciatto has the training and experience to navigate our company through the complex and ever-changing security environment. Mr. Ciatto holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Socio-Economics and Maritime Management Systems, as well as a Master of Arts degree in International Studies. He is a member of the World Association of Professional Investigators, the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, and is a Board Certified Counter Intelligence Threat Analyst. His qualifications are certified by the Security Industry Authority of the United Kingdom, the Private Security Authority of the Republic of Ireland, and the State of Florida USA.

Gwendolyn Corder


Gwen Corder is the Director of the Anchor Investigations and Security Computer Forensics and Cyber Security department. Ms. Corder has enjoyed an exceptional career as an Information Technology professional, most recently serving as Collaboration Services Engineer for a Fortune 500 multi-national corporation. She holds an advanced degree in Computer Forensic Examination and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Ms. Corder's passion for technology and many years of experience have made her a sought after confrere and problem solver due to her extensive knowledge and expertise. Ms. Corder's insight and guidance has allowed Anchor Investigations and Security to offer truly integrated risk mitigation by bridging the gap between Physical Security and Cyber Security, thus creating a comprehensive, one stop solution.

Graham Forrest-Ellerbe


Anchor Investigations and Security is fortunate to have Mr. Forrest-Ellerbe as our Chief Security Advisor and Business Mentor. Mr. Forrest-Ellerbe has honorably served as an Officer in Her Majesty's Royal Navy and also enjoyed a successful career as a business executive in the private sector, working with international maritime freight transportation corporations. He holds advanced degrees in both Business Management and Logistics, and is regularly sought after by both corporations and academic institutions as a guest lecturer and trainer.  Mr. Forrest-Ellerbe serves as our principal advisor on Maritime Security and primary consultant for international Port Security. He is currently co-authoring a textbook on Maritime Logistics. Mr. Forrest-Ellerbe resides in the United Kingdom and the Algarve, southern Portugal.