Anchor Investigations and Security

Anchor Investigations and Security

"We Solve problems"

"We Solve problems"

"We Solve problems""We Solve problems"

Anchor Investigations and Security is a full service Private Investigation and Security firm with the assets and ability to provide Surveillance and Counter Surveillance, Due Diligence and Identity Confirmation, Intelligence and Information Services, Witness Location and Evidence Preparation, Expert Advice and Confidential Counseling, and Asset Location services including Forensic Accounting. In addition, we provide the following Specialist Services not typically offered by Private Investigation or Security firms.

Specialist Services

Competitive Intelligence


Competitive Intelligence is the action of defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing information about products, customers, competitors, and any aspect of the environment needed to support executives and managers making strategic decisions for an organization. We employ former Intelligence and Business Analysts to conduct comprehensive Corporate Intelligence gathering that will give your company a competitive advantage.

Background Screening


Whether conducting pre-employment background checks on prospective candidates or screening potential tenants for your properties, Anchor Investigations and Security offers comprehensive screening packages that are customizable to your company's requirements and budget.​ Additionally, we offer specialist services to clients who have concerns about their potential dating partner's background, criminal, or financial history, as well as Social Media Monitoring services. 

Cargo Security & Freight Brokering


You’ve worked hard to establish your company’s brand and reputation. Let us protect that integrity during the shipping process by helping you to develop a cargo security plan and negotiate the best rates on the safest routes. Our Cargo Security experts will develop a comprehensive strategy that minimizes the chances of cargo theft occurrences and counters specific individual threats. Simultaneously, our Freight Delivery Brokers will identify qualified haulers and securely track your shipments.  

Confidential Consulting


Because we understand that your situation and concerns are unique, we offer one on one consultations with our experienced investigators to tailor results specific to your needs. Please contact us to book a confidential and private session for answers to matters involving Anti-Fraud Prevention, Pre-Dating Background Screening (including criminal history), Pre-Divorce Asset Location, and Physical and Privacy security concerns. Our philosophy at Anchor is to be of service. "We Solve Problems."

Protective Security


Anchor Investigations and Security, and our network of international connections, provide global Security Liaison and Cultural Advisory services. Whether traveling for business or leisure, our team will consult with you to create a plan that allows you to arrive at your destination with the peace of mind that your security concerns have been addressed and your cultural understanding has been increased. We have armed and unarmed, male and female operatives that provide professional, discrete, and thorough services.

Travel Intelligence


Timely and accurate intelligence about potential risks when traveling overseas is a vital part of a sound security management program. The more specific such intelligence, the more useful it is for anticipating and avoiding potential threats. Anchor’s team of experienced analysts produce highly customized, up to date, and client-specific intelligence and threat analysis reports. Travel Intelligence, combined with high-quality risk insurance, is the basis for a comprehensive executive travel safety program.